The Lazy Geeks Redux

We know what you’re thinking: will these guys make up their mind? No, we won’t. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce The Lazy Geeks Redux. Or, The Lazy Geeks 2.0. Whichever you prefer. After some careful consideration, Adam and I have decided that instead of abandoning The Lazy Geeks branding, we could just do a reboot. Especially since everything is a reboot nowadays, why should we be any different?

As October begins our ninth anniversary, it seems that we were in the market for a makeover. A couple of points to mention, we are hanging true to some concepts we said two months ago: the official podcast is dead. We are holding true to that. Not to mention, after nearly a decade of that show, we needed to change things up.


Now, for some context, The Lazy Geeks will not become the focal point of the next step in our evolution. Instead, it is becoming the signature brand that all our content will be emanating from. In other words, all our upcoming shows will be labeled as “A Lazy Geeks Production”. Much like The Nerdist has multiple shows but it is all under their brand. That is what we’re doing.

As for the blog, it will be less of a regurgitation of the news, but more of an opinion of the news. However, it will be stripped of the “clickbait” aspect that is plaguing the internet with “hype” or “misleading” headlines. We will explain why it either is or isn’t a big deal. Or a viewpoint that is missing from the discourse of the day. Not to mention, it will deal with pop culture, politics, technology, social media (i.e. cancel culture, sjw, and so on), and our favorite topic: conspiracy theories.

the lazy geeks redux

As some of you may notice, none of our older content is available online any longer. That is by choice. Yes, we have been around since 2010, but the new direction of the brand no longer requires old news. The second phase of this blog, and upcoming shows, are going to focus on our multiple interests, as well as our opinions on the culture that has been produced by the internet.

Our various social media platforms are back, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can check out more information about that in our ‘About Me’ section. Including email address for those of you that still use that. We hope to engage more with our readers, listeners, and fans.

As for our upcoming shows, Well, F*ck All will be debuting in January 2020. We will discuss more about that when the date gets closer. Of course, we have decided to bring back our The Away Team series, which discussed episodes of the Star Trek franchise. That won’t be out until early spring of 2020. These shows are designed to give Adam and me an avenue for fun and creativity. If you wish to come along for the ride, please do.

So, for now, we kick off our ninth anniversary with The Lazy Geeks Redux. As 2020 will be our tenth anniversary, we figured to start kicking things off at the tail end of 2019 would allow us to be bigger and bolder in the coming year. We hope you will accompany us as we make that bold move and wish you can come along and see where this takes us. A little hint, we have no idea either. It’ll be fun.