Disney and Amazon dispute

Disney and Amazon Dispute Could Hinder Disney+

Are you planning to grab Disney+ when it launches next month? Are you using Amazon’s Fire TV? Well, we may have some bad news for you. A Disney and Amazon dispute could prevent a large chunk of the market from getting the service. The core of the issue remains advertising, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The core of the Disney and Amazon dispute has to deal with Amazon wanting the right to sell a “substantial percentage of the ad space on Disney apps,” according to the Journal, but Disney is resisting. Amazon and Google make a ton of money on ad revenue, which is their whole business model. Now, you are probably asking yourself does it matter if they’re on Amazon? The answer would be – it does.

Disney and Amazon dispute
You won’t be able to see this on Amazon TV.

Disney is launching a new service and they need to be on as many services as they can. Now, if you have an Xbox or PlayStation owner, you won’t see an issue. Even if you have an Apple TV. However, according to a recent analysis of streaming gatekeepers: Roku has the majority with 41 percent of the market share. Most of that is due to the inexpensive cost of the device. Much of it is around $30. Behind them with 29 percent is Amazon. Again, it is due to price.

The article is also alluding to the fact that if they can’t resolve the issue, you could see a number of Disney-owned apps removed from the service like ESPN+. If you think that’s extreme, it isn’t.  Amazon pulled Google off of their service, which included YouTube, for 18 months. That is a year and a half for those of you that aren’t good with math. If this Disney and Amazon dispute goes unresolved, Amazon Fire customers will have to deal with another service absent.

If you are asking for my opinion, I know you didn’t, I don’t think Disney will allow themselves to be blocked. They may deal with Amazon’s wishes just to get their service out in the wild. However, once Disney establishes themselves, then renegotiates, the shit will hit the fan.


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