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Star Trek Discovery Trailer for Season 3 Released

During the New York Comic-Con on Saturday, Star Trek fans were given various doses of hype and anticipation with trailers for their upcoming Star Trek Discovery season three and Star Trek: Picard. As well as the announcement of the release of the first of a series of Short Treks exclusively on CBS All Access on Saturday.

The trailer for Star Trek Discovery season three is the first look we have at the upcoming season. Until now, we have only seen selected stills. When the show went to San Diego Comic-Con, they had recently begun filming of the new season. As far as its release date, it’s still in 2020. Most likely, it will debut after the run of Star Trek: Picard concludes.

Many online reports seemed a bit astonished to see the return of Philippa Georgiou, given that she was on Discovery when it made the jump to the future. Also, many executives note that her spin-off won’t begin until after Discovery’s third season, since she will figure into the storyline of that show. But, when you are too busy reporting rumors as fact, I’m looking at you Collider, it’s hard to know what is fact and what is a Reddit thread.

The trailer focuses on Michael Burnham dealing with the repercussions of the season finale. Obviously, she is separated from Discovery and is looking to find it. One key moment is that it seems to indicate that the Federation has fallen. The person Burnham discovers seems to believe that the arrival of Discovery is what brings the Federation back from the ashes.

As for Star Trek: Picard, we got a second, more storyline version of the trailer. Obviously, it leaves us with a great deal more questions than the teaser did. Point of note, we get the first shots of Riker and Troi, and a quick blurb of their child. Another point to note is that we have a release date: January 23, 2020. 2020 has going to have more Trek for many fans.

In traditional CBS All Access fashion, they official began the release of Star Trek: Trek Shorts. The four shorts will drop once a month culminating in the debut of Star Trek: Picard. The first short “Q&A” will revolve around Ensign Spock arriving for his first day on the Enterprise, while being escorted by Pike’s Number One. Returning as Spock is Ethan Peck, who was enjoyable in the second season of Discovery, as well as Rebecca Romijn as Number One.

“Q&A” was released on CBS All Access on Saturday and is available for subscribers to watch. It is important to note that if you are waiting for regular Star Trek content to be released, those shorts will remain on their service when Picard debuts.

There is a good chance that 2020 will be a big year for Star Trek fans. CBS All Access is reasonable with their pricing. $5.99/month for limited commercials. $9.99 for no commercials. If you don’t like the monthly charges, they have yearly plans. $60/yearly with limited commercials or $100/yearly for no commercials. Roughly, both plans save you the cost of two months of service. I’m personally eyeing that year – no commercial plan. Might as well go big or go home.


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