Jason Todd die again

Jason Todd Die Again DC Universe Asks

If you’re one of the few people that made it past the first season of Titans on DC Universe, then you noticed what happened this week. Jason Todd may be dead… again. Unfortunately, no one knows – until next week. However, DC fans have noticed in the DC Universe forums, DC is asking should Jason Todd die again?

To put this into some context: this week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger. You know, to build suspense. Dick Grayson and Starfire were unable to stop Deathstroke from dropping Jason Todd off of a building. The young Robin plummeted and the show cut to black, again, to build suspense.

Now, long-time fans might remember the 1988 Batman storyline A Death in the Family. Similarly, Robin (Jason Todd) indicated that Robin was killed in an explosion set by the Joker. Fan were instructed to call a 900-number and vote whether Jason Todd should live or get the ax. Unfortunately, for Todd, slightly more fans didn’t like his character and he was voted off the island.

Jason Todd die again
He didn’t fare better the first time.

“Will he live or will Jason Todd die?” says the poll description. “Take the poll below to let your voice be heard! This isn’t the first time that Jason’s fate was left to the whims of others; will history repeat itself or will he live to mouth off another day?”

As of this current writing, the poll is close. About a 50-50 split. 21627 to 21775 that Jason dies. Unfortunately for people taking the poll, Polygon reached out to DC Universe and the poll is for lolz. The episode was wrapped so it seem that it more than simply a poll that some blog would post on his Twitter feed to increase interaction. Should Jason Todd die again will be summed up in next week’s episode.

It is something to think about that television shows have a tight turnaround time. Given the way AT&T is keeping these shows on a budget, there is little doubt that they filmed two versions for the episode, which would heavily impact the rest of the season. Now, if you vote that Jason Todd dies again and you were right, you didn’t change history. It was already planned that way.