Trump uses Twitch

Trump Uses Twitch to Livestream Latest Rally

One thing that you can expect from politicians is a bit of hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter which political party you belong to, it is true from all sides. You may remember that President Donald Trump has been railing against everything owned by Jeff Bezos. He calls out the Washington Post for their “fake news”, which is anything negative about him. Even discussing about how they need to look at the deal Amazon has with the Postal Service. Someone may not have told Trump that Twitch is owned by Amazon. Since Trump uses Twitch to livestream his rally.

This most likely has something to with Bernie Sanders, who has been using the service to stream his rallies. Trump’s rally last night was in Minneapolis where he called Biden’s son a “loser” and that Biden himself was good at “kissing Obama’s ass”. Don’t even get me started on the projection he is using when you discuss his children and what Pence does.

Twitch is primarily used to live stream video games, as well as livestreaming hate crimes. Nevertheless, Amazon is currently hosting a stream of Thursday Night Football, which according to Engadget, has about 41,000 viewers. The Trump stream had around 12,000 viewers. It is probably safe to say that not many Trumpers watch Twitch.

On a fair note, not many people know that Twitch is offering other than video game streaming. When I think of livestreaming political rallies or football games, Twitch doesn’t usually come to mind. Trump uses Twitch could be a one-off once he realizes that it is owned by Amazon, or blame it on someone else for the decision.

Trump’s re-election campaign may be looking for new avenues to get their message out since many mainstream media outlets are no longer showing his rally start to finish. This Thursday was a busy night for news outlets. National news was focused on the impeachment inquiry and the two big arrests of Giuliani. Football fans and baseball fans had stuff to watch. Local news, in Los Angeles, had to contend with Santa Ana winds and the multiple brushfires that broke out. Trump uses Twitch to livestream may be the only way to get it out outside of Fox News.