Netflix ends Roku support

Netflix Ends Roku Support for Older Devices

There are too many people in this world that refuse to upgrade devices. Now, this is a problem with many manufactures, with the exception of Apple. One of the primary reason I purchased an iPad versus any other type of tablet. Why? Because, regardless how old it is, Apple will continue to update their older devices. Unfortunately, other manufacturers will drop it after two models. Roku isn’t one, but they will be. It was announced that Netflix ends Roku support for older models in December.

If you are holding on to the Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD and XDS as well as the NetGear-branded XD and XDS, you will no longer be able to stream Netflix on those devices coming December 1st. Now, this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. Hulu ended support for older Roku devices in 2017. To be honest, that was a lot longer than many other companies. Many users will get an email about the discontinuation of service.

You should get an alert if you’re affected, but Cord Cutters News added that a simple feature check will do before then. If your Netflix app can’t auto-play the next episode in a series, you’ll have to move on. To be honest, there is no reason you shouldn’t have upgraded your Roku device, since they are starting at $35, which is lower than the Apple TV $149 cost. However, I picked up mine before the launch of the version that contained the App Store and it still works beautifully.

Many of these devices cease support because when new models are launched, their older internal workings are no outfitted for the upgrades new apps require. My brother has a Roku HD, which can barely sustain the Spectrum TV app without freezing and forget trying to find apps like YouTube TV.

Yes, Roku ends Roku support in a little more than a month and a half. But, you can usually find many newer models on Amazon, Best Buy, or even Target. While it is more financially feasible to get a Roku, the best bet is to upgrade to an Apple device. While Netflix ends Roku support for older models, there is a reason you are paying $35 versus $149. Just sayin’.

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