Bombshell Trailer Shines Light On Fox News

A couple of months ago, people were introduced to a teaser trailer for Bombshell. It was a simple trailer with Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and a very unrecognizable Charlize Theron sharing an elevator ride. Any indication we received about the plot was the Fox News logo in the corner at the end. This week, we finally received a story trailer for the movie and it looks amazing.

Bombshell is a movie about the fall of Roger Ailes, who founded Fox News. If you had Showtime this summer, you may have seen the limited series, The Loudest Voice, which starred Russell Crowe and Naomi Watts. It was an intriguing series but a bit on the overly dramatic side. This version looks a bit more intricate in the compositing and prosthetic, especially on John Lithgow and Theron.

The story follows the real-life events that led to Ailes’ downfall through the eyes of a fictional character, played by Robbie. Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson, who is responsible for bringing down the Fox founder and Theron plays the splitting image of Megyn Kelly. After screenings of the film, Oscar buzz is floating around Theron.

On a personal note, there was always a bit of interest in the rise and fall of Ailes. Having watched a documentary of the person on Hulu and The Loudest Voice, he was a man that had incredible vision and definitely a dark lust. The paradox of a man that believed America was losing its soul to the liberal agenda and wanted to bring virtue, dignity, and religion back into the America he grew up knowing. Yet, the sexual depravity he possessed and the power he held over women reveals the hypocrite that he was.

Bombshell will definitely be a film that will spark outrage from the right and gleefully enjoyed by the left. Whatever your position of Fox News, it is important to note that Ailes, himself, was a visionary and a huge scumbag. He deserved to come down and Carlson had many reason to do so. Not that she is a great person herself, but karma has a way of dealing with people like that.