Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is Best-Selling Console in US

Of all the gaming companies, Nintendo is looking to go into the holiday season proudly. The company is celebrating its 10th month in a row of the Nintendo Switch being the best-selling console in the US. That’s according to the NPD that has the device crossing the 15 million sales mark in North America.

Just a week ago Nintendo announced Switch sales are over 10 million in Europe. In Japan, Famitsu reported earlier this year that despite only being on sale for two years, it’s already sold more units than Sony’s PlayStation 4. 2019 is looking like another good year for Nintendo, with sales in the US up 20 percent so far compared to 2018.

Much of the reason for their success is simple: they remembered who their base is. Developing a multi-purpose handheld device that brought in not only kids (which is their bread and butter) but more of the portable gaming crowd. With that, the Nintendo Switch ported titles that were never on their network to begin with like Diablo and L.A. Noire.

However, if you look at Nintendo’s past, they do tend to learn from their mistakes. After the dismal performance of the Nintendo GameCube (which I loved), they developed the Wii. That console took the market by storm, which led other developers like Microsoft and Sony to develop their own camera-assisted gameplay.

As a bounce-back from the previous Wii U, the Nintendo Switch proved to the market that portable gaming isn’t a dying breed because of mobile games. It just needed someone that could make a good selection of games at an affordable price. Something Sony failed to see when they developed their PlayStation Vita.

The Nintendo Switch outselling the PS4 in two years shouldn’t be surprising. The device is compact, less expensive and has a vast gaming library. Yet, there are still people that don’t have one. Like myself. Now, with the Lite on the market, I see them having a very good holiday season.