The Mandalorian release schedule

The Mandalorian Release Schedule is Announced

You may have noticed a bunch of online stories about the upcoming The Mandalorian release schedule. Some sites have been talking about it as the episodes announced, but that isn’t nearly the case. Many streaming services are keeping titles secret, as to not give people time to develop their own fan theories based solely on the title.

The first episode of the series will drop on the day that Disney+ officially launches. This is nothing new. However, the second episode follows only three days later on Friday, November 15. After that, the series will drop every Friday until two days after Christmas. Some sites are baffled by the weird initial release of the series, but it’s actually quite simple.

Obviously, they want people to tune in on day one for the first episode of the series. So, the pilot episode is available. The plans early on were to release the show weekly, which is where the Friday decision popped in. Let’s be honest, catching the first two episodes only days apart will be kinda nice. Since they will follow DC Universe and CBS All Access that is the closest you’ll be able to binge the show.

Here’s the official announcement for The Mandalorian release schedule for Season 1:

  • Episode 1: November 12
  • Episode 2: November 15
  • Episode 3: November 22
  • Episode 4: November 29
  • Episode 5: December 6
  • Episode 6: December 13
  • Episode 7: December 18
  • Episode 8: December 27

Now, if you are one of those people that don’t need to see it on launch day and hold the subscription for a month and a half, you can wait until the 27th and binge the entire first season between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I won’t do that because I’m that much of an idiot. With the full release slate of stuff coming to Disney+, The Mandalorian release schedule is just icing on the cake.

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