Sony selling PlayStation Vue

Sony Selling PlayStation Vue Was A Long-Time Coming

If a new report published by The Information is correct, Sony selling PlayStation Vue seems to be in the cards. However, longtime users and observers saw this coming when they offered the service years ago. The report claims that they are looking to sell their 500,000 subscriber base and underlying technology to Fubo TV. However, later reports claim that it was simply a passing interest and nothing is really happening with Fubo TV yet.

The main reason for Sony selling PlayStation Vue is revenue. It’s not making any. The Information reports that the streaming service is losing money, even though they recently raised the subscription price by $5 this past summer.

What makes this news particularly hilarious, Sony has a tight ecosystem. Meaning, they are very particular to keep outside competition from invading their potential revenue stream. PlayStation Vue is the only internet TV service available. Hulu TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV are not allowed on the service, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Personally, I use my PlayStation less because of that option. I use Spectrum on my Xbox One, but the app is crap and going back to YouTube TV in the coming weeks. Sony selling PlayStation Vue is hilarious because even in a closed ecosystem, it still failed. Much like their PlayStation Now streaming service that was going to be everywhere, only to be cut down to PlayStation 4 consoles.

Sony’s damage to peripheral options was done a long time ago. Sony, like Google, has a tendency to start off a project, but if it doesn’t land quickly – they will dump it. Leaving their users in a lurch to find someone else to supplement their decision on a tightly run PlayStation ecosystem. If Sony chooses to shut it down, it will need to allow others to fill that void.

Personally, I saw their prices in the beginning as ideal but knew it wouldn’t last. My biggest objection was just this scenario. What if I cut the cord and went with their service only to find a year in, they are shutting it down? Then I would have to do my search all over again. Worse yet, I would have to get another source of streaming, if I only had a PlayStation. Then would I need a Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or whatever just to watch TV. Sony failed before it even started.

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