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HBO Max Price Point and Release Window Announced

After months of speculating, everyone can now ridicule or praise the announcement of HBO Max. Warner Bros. much talked about streaming offering. To be fair, we knew about this since earlier this year when they announced it was coming. However, we didn’t know many of the details like price, release date, content, and the important stuff like that. The biggest question on everyone’s mind, since AT&T is known for price gouging their consumers, when will they announce the HBO Max price point?

To be completely honest, it falls in line with what many people, and reports, speculated. Many suggested it would be in the ballpark of $16 to $17, but early estimates placed it at $15 a month. Now, before you roll your eyes and balk: that is how much they offer HBO alone, either via cable or online. So there is that. It makes it competitive and kinda a no-brainer. Why spend $15 for just HBO and just get the whole thing?


 “As we perfect our product over time, the long term goal is to set the new standard for speaking personally to our subscribers. For example, we’re going to get much more creative with recommendations. HBO recently introduced the concept of recommended by humans, and we’re going to adapt that idea for HBO Max, so we never have to rely solely on an algorithm to serve our customers the best content.”


The other detail is the launch date. Well, we have more of a launch window than an actual date, but since it’s so far off – there is no need to be any more precise. It was rumored to be launched in late spring and it seems that is pretty much on target. They announced that it will arrive in May 2020. That means many people will have to wait roughly five months from when Friends leaves Netflix to HBO Max.

Like many of the other streaming services, they will drop all their old content onto the service, as well as new and original. When I say new, I am referring to stuff that is airing on HBO, Warner Bros., New Line, DC Entertainment, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, The CW, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and Looney Tunes. As well as new acquisitions like The Big Bang Theory and South Park.

Now, we know that the HBO Max price and release date which are important, but there are other details to consider. They are working on a slew of original shows for the service. Some include a Green Lantern series, a new Gremlins series, a musical series of Grease (not a remake but a series based in that universe), a Gossip Girl sequel, and a whole lot more.


“Our max original rollout strategy will also be curated based on the specific piece of content, but will largely mirror the weekly HBO release pattern.”


In addition to the HBO Max price, release date, and content, many people wonder which release style will they be going for? Will they be more in a realm of Netflix and Amazon Prime? Are they gonna follow the style of Hulu, or CBS All Access? It’s the latter. New shows will drop once a week, which will prevent you from signing up for the service and cancel at the end of the month.

While some people are already bitching about the weekly release, it’s no big deal. Not to mention, the only people that complain about that are people that want to circumvent the system. They only want to pay once and then dump it. Many people will complain more about commercials than about not being able to binge these shows. So stop complaining and make a commitment for once.

With HBO Max price and content (including HBO), it makes it the only true service that can rival Disney+ in the realm of content and diversity. Yes, it is three times more expensive than Disney+, but Disney doesn’t have the library of content that Warner Bros. has. It’s true. Look at all the Warner Bros. shows and movies in their vault. Also, if you are thinking of picking up HBO for Succession, Last Week Tonight, Euphoria and all of those shows, you might as well get their entire library for the same price. Knowing AT&T (who owns Warner Bros.) we’ll see how long that reasonable price point lasts.

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