Borderlands soundtrack on Spotify

Borderlands Soundtrack on Spotify to Enjoy

Let’s be honest about one thing here: I have never been a huge Borderlands fan. However, unlike much of the internet, I do not criticize people that love, like, or even just play it. Because in this world, there is enough space for people of all kinds. Except those who play Fortnite. I can’t stand them. Nevertheless, one thing can be said about the Borderlands music: it’s pretty fucking great. So, this will come as amazing news: Borderlands soundtrack on Spotify.

As usually what happens with news like this, it was stumbled upon by a Redditors, the original soundtracks for Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Claptastic Voyage, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 3 are available to stream now.

In addition to having the Borderlands soundtrack on Spotify, Gamesradar reported earlier this week that Laced is doing two vinyl releases for Borderlands 3: a $35 two-disc set and an $80 four-disc set, too. Both editions are scheduled to release in January 2020 and are available for pre-order now.

It is nice to see video game soundtracks getting the proper attention they deserve. As a fan of motion picture scores, I am excited to hear gaming soundtracks giving players a loving and engaging experience. Back in June of this year, Spotify surprised many people with the release of all the Final Fantasy soundtracks onto their service.

With the release of Borderlands soundtrack on Spotify, as well as Final Fantasy, true music aficionados can truly enjoy the array of sounds and melodies that enhance a gaming experience. Nevertheless, there are many people that don’t appreciate scores from gaming or even film. Now, with all that being said, I am waiting for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire to end up on a streaming service. You think I’m kidding. Well, I’m not my friends. I am not.

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