Snyder Cut Lives Again; Thanks Jason Momoa

It almost seems like decades ago when Warner Bros. released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was universally panned by critics and fans. I remember hearing those words of “get rid of Snyder” from podcasts, written on forums and blogs, and the various hashtags on Twitter. Everyone bemoaned the idea of having to see Justice League through Snyder’s eyes. Like any comic character, the Snyder Cut lives again.

It almost seemed like we were finally past this. People had moved on. The success of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Joker had allowed people to move on and forget about that jettisoned attempt to match the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, Jason Momoa resurrected it while talking to MTV News. In an interview with Josh Horowitz, Momoa once again reaffirms that he’s seen the Snyder Cut, and gives his opinion on the potential release of the superhero cinematic equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant: “I think the public needs to see it,” Momoa said. “I’m obviously indebted to Warners and DC. I don’t know how they feel about it, but as a fan, I’m very, very happy that I got to see it.” Then Momoa gets asked whether the movie was actually different than the theatrical version of Justice League, to which the actor simply said, “Yes.”

Snyder cut lives
I’m sorry, but the original version won’t make it suck less.

First off, no shit that the Snyder cut is different from the theatrical release. For reporters to ask dumb ass questions like that, they shouldn’t even be in the industry. Sites and bloggers, who claim to be about the business, don’t really know much about what goes into making movies. Ask Quentin Tarrantino how many versions of his movies there are. I guarantee you that there are many different versions of Justice League, not the mythic singular cut.

The Snyder cut lives again, because everyone knows that there are a large amount of clicks involved. We can talk about it here because we don’t do any advertising. The most telling of the interview was when Momoa was asked if he saw a finished version (that early on, it wasn’t) or an assembly cut. Momoa replied, “Oh, do you think Zach couldn’t finish it?” That itself would indicate that the mythic version that fans cling to – as a glimmer of hope to believe that Justice League wasn’t intentionally made this badly – doesn’t exist.

Yes, a Snyder cut lives simply because he had a version of the film that was put together before he commenced reshoots. Reshoots are done for narrative reasons. Either a storyline was cut or some scenes need to be fixed. Sometimes, an entire third act needs to be reshot, just ask X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Snyder cut lives
This is the kind of shit I’ve had to put up with.

We need to let this bastion of hope the DC fanboys cling to fade. Yes, DC made a bad Justice League movie. Deal with it. Marvel fans had to deal with countless shit Marvel movies before they started making their own. We feel you. There was a cut of Justice League that wasn’t seen. Then it was decided to bring in Joss Whedon to punch up the script, reshoot scenes, and Snyder’s personal tragedy. But, it wasn’t completed. Warner Bros., especially owned by AT&T now, will not spend the money to lose on this film.

The #ReleaseTheSynderCut hashtag needs to die. Remember when all of you complained about Man of Steel and Batman v Superman? Now, you somehow think that Snyder’s cut of Justice League was gonna save it? No, it wouldn’t. It’s like the director’s cut of Green Lantern and BvS, it was better but not enormously better. They still sucked. Just not as much.

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