Ant-Man Returns to Comics in February 2020

With most major Marvel Cinematic Movie characters, they usually get a big comic debut. It happened with Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and a few others. However, it didn’t really happen for Ant-Man. Kinda sucks when you think about it. Obviously, given Hank Pym’s character within the comic universe, if it were to be re-released, it would have to be with Scott Lang. Ant-Man returns to comics in 2020 with Ant-Man #1.

The series, written by Zeb Wells with art by Dylan Burnett, will focus on the relationship between Scott and his daughter, Cassie. Ant-Man returns to comics isn’t without its issues. Apparently, their relationship isn’t on the best of circumstances. So he takes an odd job to help create a better foundation for their restoration. Unfortunately, things change quickly.

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Zeb Wells expressed his excitement for the Ant-Man returns to comics stating, “Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer and I are out to put the ant in Ant-Man, turn over some rocks and craft a bug-forward tale that starts small and spins into a world-spanning adventure. And you know Stinger (Cassie Lang) is coming along for the ride.”

Ant-Man returns to comics


  • written by ZEB WELLS
  • art by DYLAN BURNETT
  • Ant-Man is back and doing better than ever! Er, at least according to him, but Stinger and the anthill he’s living in say otherwise. Desperate to raise his daughter’s opinion of him, Ant-Man takes a job from local beekeepers only to uncover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! No time to call the Avengers, this sounds like a job for –ANT-MAN?! Join the explosive creative team of Zeb Wells (NOVA) and Dylan Burnett (X-FORCE, COSMIC GHOST RIDER) as they take Ant-Man to all-new heights in this epic adventure!

Ant-Man #1, by Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett, will be available at your local comic book store in February from Marvel Comics.