Paul Blackthorne Return for Arrow Finale

This week, full production of the final episode of Arrow has begun filming. You can imagine that after production of the Crisis of Infinite Earths completed, there was one more episode to go and they will pull out all the stops for the finale. It was revealed late last week that Emily Brett Rickards would be reprising her role of Felicity one last time. But, that left one more person of the original cast remaining: Paul Blackthorne.

It was announced on Monday that Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance will be returning for the last hurrah of the original vigilante in the CW universe. Of course, many people are wondering how he could return, but with all the other universe’s that apparently survived after crisis, we don’t know which version of Lance would return. Let’s not forget he died in the sixth season finale.

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After 139 episodes of the series, Paul Blackthorne immediately went to work on a new series, The InBetween, which was released a year later and subsequently cancelled this week. He is currently working on a new series, Home Invasion, which is about a close encounter during a home invasion. That’s it. That’s all we know about the damn thing.

On a side note, we don’t know if this will involve a time jump. This could involve Oliver and Quentin from a flashback to a point when he was alive. If this is the kind of stuff that keeps you up at night, you need to find yourself a damn hobby. Just let them work on the project and stop trying to figure it out. So many people are fixated on how these elements work instead of just enjoying the show.

Fan speculation has dominated the internet with fan theories about how they see the show ending. Claiming that their view is the “only way” it can work out to be any good. Sadly, many theories are so either out there or predictable that it makes for a silly way for any property to conduct their shows. I’m happy to wait and see how they work Paul Blackthorne return to Arrow.