AT&T Bonus Data Will Cost You $10 Extra

Remember back in the day, when something was offered as a “bonus”, it usually was included free. Like when I received an email from Spectrum saying that my internet was upgraded to 200 Mbps free of charge. The problem was that was the plan I was already paying for. Since it didn’t change anything, I didn’t make a big deal out of it. However, AT&T bonus data is actually going to cost you $10 more a month.

We’ve always said that AT&T hated their consumers with bogus charges. They seem to literally have all their company costs paid from their consumers. Their wireless subscribers on their old Mobil Share Value data plan are getting an extra 15GB of “bonus” data. As a result of that bonus, their monthly rate was increased by $10 with no way to opt-out of it.

AT&T bonus data

But it’s the wording at the company’s support document explaining the change that really gets my goat (bolding mine):

Enjoy more data. Starting with your October 2019 bill, you’ll get an additional 15GB of data on your Mobile Share plan. This bonus data comes with a $10 price increase.

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AT&T confirmed to The Verge that there’s no way to opt out of this “bonus.” Here’s the company’s statement:

“We are communicating with some customers regarding changes to their mobile plans. Customers have the choice to change their plan at any time and can always contact us with questions or to understand their options.”

Seems a bit of the standard, “complain all you want.” The AT&T bonus data debacle comes as they agreed to pay $60 million for throttling unlimited consumers for no reason in 2011. AT&T bonus data is a simple blatant lie. Of course, they have many lawyers that will go to court to explain the definition of “bonus” is.

Many companies want people to drop their grandfathered plans. However, they use device upgrades as a reason to change your data plan. But, for all intents and purposes, you have a choice. AT&T just enjoys gouging their consumers to the point of running out of business. Unfortunately, monopolies will rely on government agencies to bail them out when shit goes south. Which is something we will pay for. I guess that’s our “bonus”, huh?


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