Amazon Supports Disney+ When It Launches

Last month, there was some trembling in the force when word started going around that Amazon may not support Disney+. The standoff between the two companies was about advertising on Amazon products, following a WSJ report last month. To put it in easy terms to understand, Amazon wanted to advertise and Disney didn’t want it. Well, something changed. Amazon supports Disney+.

On Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that something had gave. He slipped in the news during the fourth quarter earnings call, alongside news that Disney+ will also be available on LG and Samsung smart TVs. “We’re pleased to announce partnerships with Amazon Fire [TV], LG, and Samsung devices.”

The Disney+ app on Fire TV will also tie into Amazon’s universal search feature, meaning that you’ll be able to request specific shows through Alexa with commands like “Alexa, play The Mandalorian.” Disney+ content will also be included in Amazon’s Alexa-based discovery features.

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The announcement that Amazon supports Disney+ comes just in time as the launch of the new service debuts next week. The biggest question is if Disney gave into Amazon’s demands. Google and Amazon had their dispute, which lasted for over eighteen months. With both sides not offering either side’s hardware or services.

Disney has been making some adjustments to get their content and service to as many devices as it could. Recently, in order to get streaming rights to The Force Awakens, Disney allowed Starz ads to appear when you start the app. With all their ducks in a row, this should allow Disney an unobstructed launch with maximum content possible.

Whatever the terms, though, Amazon supports Disney+ is a big win for them heading into the launch of Disney+ on November 12th. Amazon’s Fire TV platform is the one of the two largest streaming platform in the world (along with Roku), which is a lot of potential customers that Disney’s hoping will sign up for the new service.