Iron March

Iron March: Racist Site Suffered From Data Breach

Data breaches affect everyone. Some people may think their safe when a site they belonged to goes dark, but the information is still there. Iron March went dark in 2017 for unknown reasons, but a massive data dump was revealed this week. Why is this a big deal? Who is Iron March? Well, Iron March is a violent white supremacist website that just had a 1GB file exposing its dirty laundry.

The information from the data leak was posted on the Internet Archive on Wednesday by an anonymous individual using the handle antifa-data. A list of domains used in email registrations shows two from US universities. Private messages show some members discussing life in the US Marines, Navy, Army, and military reserves, according to Ars Technica.

The private data exposed a treasure trove of detailed information on as many as 1,000 or more members of the site. The SQL database appears to list the entirety of the site’s information, which includes user names, private messages, public posts, registered email addresses, and IP addresses.

This is an example of one of the private messages:

“Be careful if you get deployed with those fucking sand [deleted] and jews,” a user claiming to be in the Navy tells another member who says he’s in the Marines and is about to be deployed. (The racist term he used has been deleted.) “They are all a bunch of slippery pieces of shit that wash their faces in rain puddles in dirt on the ground. We are too good to be interacting with those people, maybe trump will at least relax the ROE’s [rules of engagement] so those pieces of shit can be blasted back to allah, jews and all.”

Iron March was launched in 2011 by Alexander “Slavros” Mukhitdinov, who is believed to be an Uzbekistani who immigrated to Russia. The fascist vision he espoused was critical even of the Alt-Right movement that gained visibility after the election of Donald Trump, the Southern Poverty Law Center said. The website went dark in 2017 for reasons that remain unknown.

It is easy to laugh at private information about white “little dick” supremacists getting their personal information exposed. That’s it. There’s no lesson for that, it’s just funny. However, even if you are a member of such a site, and it goes dark – that doesn’t mean you’re free and clear. Your information is still on their servers, even if you stop participating. Personal information can be accessed and that takes you down another rabbit hole. It’s still funny though.