Apple pulled Like Patrol

Apple Pulled Like Patrol From App Store

Just when you thought stalking someone online was bad enough, there is always an app that asks you to hold their beer. In October, Instagram phased out the “Following” tab. In case you never checked out that portion of the app, you would be amazed how much info about your activity was on there. Knowing that Facebook likes to know everything about you, it may seem odd that they pulled it. However, to keep imitators from using that idea, Apple pulled Like Patrol from the App Store.

You never heard about that app? Let me tell you about it. Why Apple pulled Like Patrol is because it went beyond creepy shit that you expect from Instagram. Like the Following tab, it allowed creepers to stalk someone’s behavior on Instagram. You know, like what your ex is up to, or that person that dumped you in middle school. Seems like a valid reason Apple pulled Like Patrol.

But it gets worse. The app could notify you if someone you followed interacted with a post from a man or a woman, for example, and the app’s makers apparently claimed to “have an algorithm to detect if they were posts from attractive people.”

At the end of October, Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to Like Patrol, an app described by its maker as the Following tab “on steroids,” and on Saturday, Apple reportedly removed it from its iOS marketplace entirely.

Like Patrol was able to track Instagram users by scraping their public profiles for data — which violates Instagram’s policies, according to a Facebook spokesperson who spoke with CNET in October. Apple told CNET it removed Like Patrol for violating the company’s guidelines, but didn’t explain further.

It is already easy to stalk people online, which is a bit freaky. However, some of the apps take it to a new low. It borderlines on any stalker movie you’ve seen. As I said earlier, you can be sure that someone is working on the follow-up. Finds way to skirt the rules. You know, hold my beer.