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Can’t Connect to Disney+; Welcome to Launch Day

This is going to be one of those times when you need to separate the experienced from the noobs. As anyone with half a brain expected, there are some technical glitches with the launch of Disney+. Can’t connect to Disney+? You’re not alone. That is supposed to feel comforting somewhat. You know, the whole misery loves company thing. If you follow social media, you realize that many people are experiencing the same issue of connectivity.

According to Downdector, a website that tracks these types of outages, there have been some 8,000 reports of people being unable to connect to Disney+ servers. I have not experienced that issue as I am never an early adopter because glitches give me heartburn. I usually hold out the first week on a heavily demand service so they can work out the kinks. Most importantly, the demand to simply download the app dwindles.

If you ever play an online game at launch, they are riddled with issues. No one expects otherwise. The elements that should be newsworthy is the fact that some go off without a hitch. One massive complaint, as seen on Twitter, is that Disney made everyone wait to download the app and log in at the same time. That is a mistake some companies make with gaming, and never do it again.

There is not much Disney can do, at this time. There is only one app and one launch. However, judging by some people that have gotten in, there is a lot to enjoy. But they released a generic tweet for people that can’t connect to Disney+.

Some people would wonder why companies like these scatter the launch of a service. This is why. Complaints from people that can’t connect to Disney+ is a huge deal. Granted, Disney won’t suffer much from this. Given the drive for all their content, everyone just needs to relax. It ain’t going anywhere. As Obi-Wan said, “Who’s the fool? The fool that tries to logs in the morning, or the fool that logs in at night?” Or, something like that.

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