Disney+ had 10 million

Disney+ Had 10 Million Subscribers on Day One

No one really should be surprised that Disney+ went down for some people on launch day. However, Disney revealed just how bonkers its launch was on Tuesday. Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals that a shit-ton of people signed up for the service on day one. Disney+ had 10 million subscribers in one day.

To hear Iger tell it, it was because everyone and their mother signed up for the service. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Disney revealed that it had 10 million sign ups since Nov. 12 launch. Let’s be honest, the Star Wars fanbase drove that number up. Primarily due to the fact that the entire Star Wars saga is available on a streaming service for the first time. Plus, the addition of The Mandalorian premiere and that $7 price point.

There were a number of other factors that played into the massive sign up, not just on content. Disney offered discounts to fan club members, inking a deal with Verizon to give it away for free to the cellphone giant’s customers and bundling it with Hulu and ESPN+. The company did not disclose how many of those sign ups included people on promotional offers, including a seven-day free trial offered to new users. It should be no surprise that Disney+ had 10 million subscribers on launch.

CEO Bob Iger expects to reach between 60 million and 90 million global subscribers within its first five years, though one analyst recently forecast that it would hit more than 100 million subscribers by 2025. Given that there is still a global roll out coming for the service, it could hit that number fairly quickly. Disney+ had 10 million subscribers is the starting point.

The big question will be their drop-off rate. Netflix always used to cite how many new subscribers signed into the service, but never mentioned the drop off. With their variety of new content, it will be hard to maintain fans of a certain ilk to keep their allegiance to the Mouse if there isn’t something to keep them there. But, those year-long memberships help.