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The Mandalorian: Chapter One Review

One of the most anticipated series to debut on the Disney+ streaming service was The Mandalorian. In case you have been living under a rock, The Mandalorian is set in the Star Wars universe and focuses on a bounty hunter (said Mandalorian) in a universe after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order. Chapter I debuts on the service Wednesday, and the second episode will drop on Friday, which is its regular release day.

One of the great things about this series (at least potentially), with scope and scale, this series will rise to the level of Game of Thrones or Star Trek Discovery in terms of quality. Visually stunning and muted storytelling. Much of the first episode is limited in dialogue but goes a long way with action and insinuation.

The opening scene with the Mandalorian’s encounter at that bar was something straight out of a traditional Western. He is quick to defend himself and doesn’t play around. He isn’t warm or charming. He is all about business. Many people’s confusion would be with The Client’s interaction with the Mandalorian surrounded by some unkempt Stormtroopers.

As far as set design goes, the series sets itself in the same landscape as the original trilogy. Practical sets and real alien make-up. Kuill was one of the best creatures I have seen in a while. While he was voiced by Nick Nolte, it could’ve looked like him on a bad day.

Another treat for fans is the IG model finally getting some act. After being introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, nearly thirty years ago, we finally get to see just what actually it was capable of doing. Voiced by Taika Waititi, he has an obsession with blowing himself up. That CG character at the very end was adorable. Not to mention the quick hand shot between it and the Mandalorian.

As we don’t know the details as to what is going on, we have a solid footing as to how this universe will play out. It definitely lives up to the old western motif that was explained before its release. Seeing something new and in a aspect of the universe we haven’t seen yet is awesome. As long as the complainers from The Last Jedi, just enjoy this series as it goes, it should be a fun show.

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