Vizio didn't support Disney+

Vizio Didn’t Support Disney+ and Users Are mad

Sometimes you wonder if people read things before expecting something to work. Much like those people that shared a Costco coupon through Facebook, which is the second time that scam went through social media and the same people fell for it, Vizio users were expecting to have the Disney+ app available on their smart TVs when it launched on Tuesday. Problem was: Vizio didn’t support Disney+.

Prior to its launch, Vizio was never on the list of supported devices.  Disney+ would stream on most devices, including PlayStation 4, Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, and all Google/Apple devices (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, Android TV, etc).  Of course, you have a bunch of people mad for a reason that is technically their own fault for not following up.

Now, some people are having issues with using AirPlay to cast the app on the Vizio TV. Vizio reached out and said that you need to have an AirPlay 2 compatible SmartCast TV. Vizio made a more formal announcement on its website, writing, “Currently, we do not have an official date, but do plan to have the Disney+ application available in 2020.”

Many people shouldn’t be mad that Vizio didn’t support Disney+, they should be mad at themselves. This is a major reason why people shouldn’t be using manufacturers OS for smart TVs. Much like older devices are losing Netflix support this December, you should be using an actual streaming device. Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or the like. These devices are usually updated consistently and you won’t run into an issue of an app not being available on launch.

Vizio didn’t support Disney+ at launch because it was never supposed to. People can complain about “never buying Vizio” again because of their error, but it’s truly their own fault. As for me, I will continue to use my Apple TV rather than my Smart Vizio TV. Being four years old, Netflix won’t be supported next month, yet my six year old Apple TV will. That should explain it all right there.

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