The Mandalorian: Chapter II – “The Child” Review

One of the great things about the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, is that it doesn’t tell a spelled out and mythos-heavy story. It takes a lot of different approaches that many people considered blasphemous in The Last Jedi. While some people complained about the pacing and lack of narrative in Chapter I, it wasn’t designed to tell a story – it was designed to set up the world. However, The Mandalorian: Chapter II definitely set us up on an interesting journey.

“The Child” begins moments after the last episode. Visually, the episode is a cinematic gem. Using wide open shots that are reminiscent of the original trilogy, plus more realistic CGI, The Mandalorian: Chapter II allows the series to grow and exist in its environments. The plot is rather easy, after obtaining the target, he now has to deal with scavengers.

The Mandalorian: Chapter II
I so want one!

Major standout in the episode was in the beginning when the Mando was being watched in the canyon. You knew something(s) were following him, but using the shadows as indicators (as well as the awesome reflection shot of his helmet) allowed the tension to be felt without hand-holding the audience through the surprise. The Trandoshan bounty hunters (the same species as Bossk) gives us an idea that there are a lot of hunters out to get this baby not-Yoda.

The extended play with the Jawas was a great touch. Seeing them utilizing their Sandcrawler for an action set piece was great. I feel this series is allowing us to explore the world that was already created but in areas people were curious about. Not to mention that chase scene was straight out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Major standout was the CGI on baby not-Yoda. The infant sound effects make your heart melt when it’s onscreen. Not to mention the big reveal at the end really amps up the mystery surrounding the child. Makes you wish you could binge the series. Hopefully the episodes will get longer as it goes. However, the shorter length allows for the story to move at a good pace.

The Mandalorian: Chapter II allows for a lot of risk. No B-storylines. No useless dialogue. Tighten narrative, and longer time to explore the environment. As the series will continue its one-a-week format next Friday with Chapter III, now it’s time to figure out the reason the Client wants that baby.

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