Short Treks: Ask Not

Short Treks: Ask Not Minisode Review

In this month’s installment of Star Trek: Short Treks, fans get an episode that they have been waiting a long time for: a Captain Pike-centric story. Short Treks: Ask Not has Cadet Thira Sidhu surprisingly forced to keep Captain Pike under guard as he has been charged with treason. She is stationed on Starbase 28, which is under attack.

Like the first episode, Q&A, it is a bottle episode. Nearly the entire episode takes place in one room of the Starbase. During the episode, Pike claims that he was responding to a distress call from the U.S.S. Boseman that was under attack by the Tholians. He was ordered to disengage and leave the fate of the ship to the Admiral of the ship.

As many people know, Pike is not one to leave fellow Starfleet officers behind. He is relieved of duty for violating a direct order from a Starfleet superior. Pike tries to recruit Cadet Sidhu to join his cause and help him break out of the holding facility to save the station, as well as the ship. Pike is extra convincing about the dire need of the situation and reminds her that her husband is on the Boseman. He applied to serve on the Boseman, while she applied to serve on the Enterprise. He got his assignment and she did not.

Short Treks: Ask Not is one of the most action-packed, character driven shorts than anything we have seen before. The action enhances the drama and the severity of what Pike is asking of her. Anson Mount, again, performs incredibly as Pike and reminds everyone why he deserves to have not only his own show but the Starfleet creed of captain after the first season with Lorca. Standout is Amrit Kaur, who struggles between doing the right thing or being convinced by Pike. Kaur wears the severity and direness of the decision amazingly well.

The episode, also, manages to feature moments with Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. This will be the last short to feature the Enterprise crew, which saddens me. In November, fans will be treated to two animated short and a final one in January. Short Treks: Ask Not is a great exclamation mark on an great three episode run. CBS All Access needs to get a series going on them already.