Detroit: Become Human PC

Detroit: Become Human PC Release Date Announced

The Detroit: Become Human PC release date is set for December 12. After debuting as a PS4 exclusive back in April 2018, the sci-fi adventure game will arrive on the Epic Games store for $39.99. It won’t have any new director’s cut content or anything like that, but it will be another chance for new players and longtime fans alike to see where their personal stories end up (and how many of their characters survive).

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a near-future version of the former Motor City, with the booming android industry having replaced the ailing automotive sector. Players take control of three different androids with three very different relationships to their human owners/superiors. Each android’s story is shaped by choosing their responses in dialogue and handling their reactions to tense situations.

We still don’t know what story Quantic Dream is working on next, but the studio has confirmed that it’s aiming for all of its future projects to be multiplatform from the get-go. For now, people that have been waiting for Detroit: Become Human PC will be in for a treat. There are people that have already played the PS4 version, which was amazing. Personally, it would be a treat to see how it plays on a maxed out PC.

Detroit: Become Human PC was announced earlier this year, once it was confirmed that Quantic Dreams games were no longer exclusive to Sony. Finding out that the game will be out, just in time for the holidays, will be a nice treat for gamers who just want to spend the holidays playing through that game multiple times.

This was a game that I was excited to play since I saw its debut at E3 in 2015. It is such an amazing game that I cannot recommend it enough. If you grab the PC version, let us know in the comments below what you think about it.