Vizio supports Disney+

Vizio Supports Disney+ But Only For Chromecast

When a new service is coming out, it is always good to see if what you rely on to view these services will actually support the new service. When Disney+ was announced ages ago, not once did it mention that Vizio televisions would support it. So, I was surprised when Vizio users found out that they couldn’t view the service they subscribed to on their television. Yet, people still blames Vizio for their lack of research. Now, Vizio supports Disney+ but there is a major catch.

So far, if you had an Apple device, and your Vizio TV supported AirPlay, you were able to cast Disney+ to your TV. While they won’t have an official app until 2020, if you have the Chromecast feature built-in on your newly acquired TV, you will be able to cast Disney+ starting next month. So, in some ways, Vizio supports Disney+, but not in the way people will like.

“The Chromecast built-in update will start rolling out in early December to VIZIO SmartCast TVs2 to allow users to cast Disney+ content just as easily,” Vizio announced. “This update will give consumers more flexibility to stream their favorite apps, like Disney+, on the TV they purchase this holiday season.”

“We want consumers to know that when they purchase a VIZIO TV, it will keep its value for years to come,” said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “Our team is continually improving SmartCast to ensure users have the best home entertainment experience with more ways to enjoy their favorite content.”

This is as good as time as any to remind people that using a Smart TV that has the ability to stream apps is not a good idea. The easiest way to view apps is by using a specialty device to stream content. Whether it be a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, any of these are better options than waiting for Vizio supports Disney+. You can be like me with a six year old Vizio TV, who’s apps are no longer supported but my Xbox One works just fine.

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