Doctor Who Season 12 Trailer Arrives

What day is it? It’s Doctor Who Day! What a better way to celebrate the Whovian holiday than by releasing a new trailer for the upcoming twelfth season of the iconic series. A couple of weeks ago, there were some rumors (only by idiotic and clueless websites trying only to get clicks) that they were announcing a surprise Christmas of New Year’s episode. Not noting that the announcement date was on the anniversary of Doctor Who’s debut in 1963. As many people suspected, it was the Doctor Who Season 12 trailer that dropped on the day.

The Doctor Who season 12 trailer is full of some familiar faces like Cybermen and the Jadoon. Some familiar television faces. As previously reported, Stephen Fry (Bones) and Lenny Henry (Broadchurch) will appear in Doctor Who‘s Season 12 opener. Goran Višnjić (Timeless, E.R.) and English actor Robert Glenister (who previously appeared in four 1984 episodes of Doctor Who) have also been cast in the new season.

Doctor and her “family” have transported to 1943 Paris — among other eventful happenings in the teaser — the Doc worries that “something’s coming for me. I can feel it.” And judging by the baddies who appear throughout the video, her hunch is correct.

While some fans (much like the disgruntled Star Wars, Star Trek: Discovery fans) have taken issue with the eleventh season of the series for “not being Doctor Who”, I found the last season to be fun and interesting in taking the series in a new direction. Did it all work? No, but their desire to focus on new alien races, not rehashing old races, was something I was into.

The Doctor Who season 12 trailer seems to show Jodie Whitaker having a bit more fun with the role, which was slightly different than her finding herself in the previous. Unlike other fans, I am excited to see where they take her and the show in its upcoming season. However, it will be probably a couple more season until she regenerates.

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