Baby Yoda GIFs

Baby Yoda GIFs Are Back And The World Moves On

Over the weekend, there was some misleading headlines about the cutest thing in the Star Wars universe was removed as a GIF. Baby Yoda on Giphy was pulled during the weekend, sending the internet into a tizzy. Fortunately, Baby Yoda GIFs are back and in full force. With all the things going on in the world, this is the one that set everyone off.

The Vulture claimed in a spoiler-laden piece that the GIFs of the cute-as-hell character were taken down for “copyright reasons”. When dealing with GIFs, the reasoning is not so simple. Vulture gave no evidence that Disney had, in fact, pulled them down. Baby Yoda GIFs, actually, not pulled down by Disney. Giphy had pulled them.

Giphy has stressed that Disney wasn’t responsible. Giphy only pulled the snippets temporarily while it “reviewed the situation,” the company said in a statement to the BBC. With all of people’s complaints about Disney being a bully in the copyright world, they have been really cool with fan content. Their concern comes in the way of copyright infringement, or fandom that is used to make money off their IP. Which makes sense.

Baby Yoda GIFs are back and the world is safe again. However, it kind of raises a question – even though not a major concern – if studios could pull certain GIFs if they feel the need. The answer would be a resounding yes. It is their image, from their content, and they would definitely have the right.

However, everyone that originally ran the story blamed Disney for the issue based on Vulture’s initial (with no evidence) reporting. It would be important for certain journalist (?) sites to launch a question to the studio and if they need to report it – they could say no official statement was given. Instead, they develop their own conspiracy theory and go for the clicks.