Black Friday 2019 deals

Black Friday 2019 Deals for Streaming Content

With Black Friday coming up, it is important to look at technology for some of the best deals. While, we know what’s coming at Target, Sony, and some others. There is a nice round-up of some streaming devices at a good discount. These Black Friday 2019 deals are great for those people complaining about rising cable prices or that their Vizio TV doesn’t support Disney+.

Many times, getting an external streaming device is a lot cheaper and can keep out-of-support televisions around for a lot longer. Or, save money on non-Smart TVs. The Black Friday 2019 deals are prime for those with children that may want a TV in their rooms, but don’t want them to have cable. With these devices, they can get YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+.

To be honest, they are a lot cheaper than getting them a gaming console or a tablet. They would love to watch television on a proper screen. Or, if you cut the cord for a streaming television option like Hulu TV Live, YouTube TV, or Spectrum, they can watch it on the television without a cable box.

Here are some of the Black Friday 2019 deals you should definitely look into:

Amazon Fire TV


New Roku devices include three free months of Hulu and Pandora Premium.

Google Chromecast


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