Facebook and Instagram outage

Facebook and Instagram Outage Goes Worldwide

If you have been having issues posting to Facebook or Instagram this morning, you are not alone. Yes, the work is indeed smaller when it comes to social media, but it is even smaller when a worldwide outage of social media networks dominates a holiday when most people will post on social media. Earlier today, people in the United Kingdom started posting about a Facebook and Instagram outage, but it seems that it is hitting the United States.

Of course, when one social media network is down, people move over to another to complain about the other. Yes, While Facebook and Instagram outage continues, people have moved over to Twitter to complain about the outage using the hashtag #InstagramDown, which is very creative.

One a personal note, we tried to post to Instagram and we received the “auto-post when available” message at the top of the app. Of course, when you have Spectrum internet, you automatically think that maybe it’s the internet. Unfortunately, it was not as I switched off Wi-Fi to 4G and nothing changed.

Complaints about the outage range from Manchester, England to Ottawa, Canada, to Rhode Island. I’m sure it will be restored but the reason for the outage isn’t clear, nor has any comment been made by Facebook, who owns Instagram. Currently, #FacebookDown is trending on Twitter.

With the Facebook and Instagram outage, it seems a good idea to remind people that if you haven’t used Twitter in a while, you could be facing a removal of your account. So, now might be as good a time as any to log back into that account. Outages like this is a good reminder that we shouldn’t have social network monopolies that could hurt access to information when all social media goes down because a company has a bad update.

Again, not saying it was a configuration error, but it most likely will turn out to be. We will update the story when we get more information.


Instagram took to Twitter to let everyone know there is an issue and they know about it. Facebook (via computer) is still a white page with no stories and their usual bloatware.