MLB The Show

MLB The Show Coming To Other Consoles

If you have a PlayStation (any iteration), then you have undoubtedly played Sony’s MLB The Show. Unfortunately, if you have never had a PlayStation, then you probably saw it on your friends PlayStation and wondered why you couldn’t play it on your own console? Well, as part of a new agreement with the Major League Baseball and the MLB Player’s Association, you will. The game is coming to other consoles.

By agreeing to take it elsewhere, Sony has secured a “multi-year” extension of its MLB license. Within the details, MLB The Show will be coming to “additional console platforms” as early as 2021. Now, while some sites have been discussing what platforms it could be coming to – mostly likely the three majors: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo – no one is discussing why Sony would do this.

It would come down to cross-platform. Sony has been the longest holdout for no cross-platform play. However, Major League Baseball gets a cut on all the games they sell. While you have Microsoft picking up steam because of cross-platform, and Nintendo has been outselling the PS4 – they were looking to boost their profit margin. Since Sony has been about exclusives, this is one of the few games that never sees the light of day on other consoles.

Sony does have a lot of exclusive content, but that simply means many games are delayed for other consoles. However, there are a few games that are developed by Sony, or have exclusive contracts, that can only be offered on the PlayStation. Marvel’s Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human and the Uncharted series. Recently, Detroit has become available for PC as Sony lost the exclusivity rights.

For non-Sony gamers, this will be a great introduction for a solid baseball game. MLB The Show will, quickly, take the place of the overall best baseball video game and take the lead, much like Madden has done with EA. It will be interesting to see when in 2021 will the game hit those Xbox and Nintendo shelves.