Redbox Ditches Video Games To Focus On Movies

Redbox ditching video games rental apparently is a huge deal. At least, if you’re The Verge, they wonder where people are going to rent video games if Redbox stops offering them as rentals. Instead of posing an idiotic question like that, how about posing the question was business that lousy that they needed to purge themselves of physical games to focus on movies?

If you haven’t figured it out by not, Redbox ditching video games is a thing. In a statement, Redbox says it is “permanently transitioning out of the games business” to focus exclusively on movies. The company confirmed on Twitter, as one does, that they are no longer offering them as rentals. However, according to The Verge, you’ll be able to buy games from the kiosks “through the end of the year.”

The rest of the piece focuses on how few (if any) options people have to physically browse and rent physical games. The really focus should be how brick-and-mortar options for physical games is lessening because fewer people are renting physical games.

Yes, they have options like Gamefly, but for the price it is a bit expensive and somewhat unreliable for getting the games in demand. Although, it is very similar to when you would try to rent games at your local Blockbuster or video rental store. With services like Xbox’s Game Pass, Sony’s PlayStation Now, and EA All Access there aren’t much demand for physical games to rent.

Also, when you have awesome deals on some games, it is easier to just purchase a digital copy for cheap. For shitty as they are, you can purchase a game and take a bunch of them in to the nearest GameStop for trade-in value. Granted, it might not be much, but it’s better than having a game that will sit there collecting dust. So, instead of thinking that Redbox ditching video games is a loss, was anyone using it to begin with?