John Wick with lightsabers

John Wick With Lightsabers Is Perfect

Have you wondered what a John Wick/Star Wars mashup might look like? Well, the folks over at ImmersionVFX certainly have. The YouTube channel, which has deftly sneaked lightsabers into Indiana Jones, The Hobbit, Daredevil, Game of Thrones, and Thor Ragnarok is at it again. But the effects wizards have outdone themselves this time. This time, we get John Wick with lightsabers.

Yeah, you read that right. We get everything awesome about John Wick, but we get it with lightsabers.

Observing the motorcycle fight scene and our hero’s glass shattering battle against Zero (Mark Dacascos) from John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, handguns, knives, and swords have been replaced with lightsabers. The bad guys swing red ones, naturally, and Wick prefers purple.

The video is so flawlessly edited, you’ll be hard pressed to find any sort of misstep in the process. For the lay person, or anyone taking a cursory glance, it might seem that lightsabers were always in the film. Wick bopping the sword’s hilt after he and Zero crash through a pane of glass, igniting the saber again, is an especially nice touch.

With Star Wars films planned until the end of time, perhaps Disney can make room for Keanu Reeves in the future, provided the able-bodied actor still has the physical prowess necessary for onscreen swordplay. Until then, you’ll just have to settle for the fourth installments of his two most iconic franchises: The Matrix and John Wick—both planned for 2021.

As these videos go, John Wick with lightsabers was a video I didn’t truly know I needed. However, after I watched it, I want the whole movie redone with it. While John Wick with lightsabers may not be your cup of tea, ImmersionVFX has a lot of other vids that may suit your needs. For now, you can watch this countless times. Like we are about to do.