The Extended Play Movie Podcast: Scrooged

In today’s edition of The Extended Play Movie Podcast throwback series, we are discussing the modern classic, Scrooged. After frightening the Dickens out of you yesterday with Gremlins, we are getting back to some more familiar territory with the Bill Murray classic. Something to look for when you watch this film, how many of Bill Murray’s real-life brothers are in the film?

Directed by Richard Donner, who is already on the list for Lethal Weapon, he managed to bring the film to life with a lot of heart and comedy. Donner, himself, directed this movie between two installments of the Lethal Weapon franchise. Rumors are that both Murray and Donner had different visions of the movie, but what came out is perfection.

Our original post:

“When you think you had a really weird day, just think of this movie. Scrooged is a modern re-telling of the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray play Xavier Cross, who runs a television network and is putting on a live-version of A Christmas Carol. The film is full of fun, great performances, and heart. A Who’s who of 80’s pop culture, the film manages to delight even if you don’t know celebrities. Grab some egg-nog and enjoy a tour-de-force of Murray in the classic Scrooged.”

While the film was released in 1988, there are many cameos of actors from the time but their presence doesn’t take away from the film. Murray playing Cross is a solid portrayal, and his layered performance manages to convince you that he has seen the errors of his way. Also, how can you not love Karen Allen?

If this movie isn’t part of your holiday viewing, you can fix that. It’s not too late. It’s currently available on Starz, or you can rent it for $4 or less depending on where you stream movies. It is worth the money and the time.