Invasion USA

The Extended Play Movie Podcast: Invasion USA

While we dropped into some traditional flare yesterday with Scrooged, this is where we go off the rails. Some people may wonder what the hell Invasion USA. has to do with Christmas. Well, the answer is not a whole lot. If it wasn’t the idea of having a Russian invasion set in Florida, it would be just like every other Golan-Globus film. This one happens around Christmas.

Who can stop it? None other than Chuck Norris. The movie itself is set in a similar tone as Delta Force. However, it perpetuates the unstoppable one-man army that can stop a joint effort between Russia and Cuba to bring terror to the United States.

Here is the original synopsis of the episode:

“What is Christmas without a Cannon film? What is Invasion USA.’s connection to Christmas? Slim. Very slim. It takes place in Florida during the holiday season. That’s it. But it was enough for us to discuss this film for our holiday special. Chuck Norris as a something-operative? Going after a Russian that is using multi-cultural terrorists to bring terror to the United States? All these questions and more will be raised after viewing of the movie. So, enjoy Invasion USA. And, if this doesn’t bring you holiday cheer, you are dead inside.

The film itself is laughably a singular movie with episodic moments strung together by a weak narrative. However, some behind-the-scenes instances show that there was more depth to the movie and more plot, but it was sacrificed for a better explosion and moments that make Norris look like a bad ass. Remember, this was a Golan-Globus film, so plot was thrown out the window. If you have a chance, check out the documentary Electric Boogaloo, which is about the whole eighties Golan-Globus studio. A must-watch if you love low-budget, nonsensical movies.