It's A Wonderful Life

The Extended Play Movie Podcast: It’s A Wonderful Life

As we approach the final weekend before Christmas, it was time to close out the week with a classic Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. Yes, there was a thought about closing it out with yesterday’s movie, but unfortunately the better angels steered us clear of that. It is important to keep in mind that this movie was always a classic.

The movie debuted after the close of World War II, and for many movie audiences it was considered too dark. Even James Stewart had to be convinced to jump back into the films with this role. While the film was a financial bomb, it led to being aired on television every year on Christmas Eve. The reason? The film was owner-less and part of the public domain. So, many television stations were able to run it for free.

This episode’s original post:

“It is Christmas for everyone. Whether you celebrate it or not, there is no escaping it. For the twisting of the knife, we bring you the classic It’s A Wonderful Life. Yes, the episode is early. Normally, the episodes are dropped on Tuesday, but since Christmas is on Tuesday – we figured we would drop it early. George, Mary, Uncle Billy, Clarence, and the rest.”

Since you could watch it on television for years during your childhood, the film received a new lease on life. Eventually, the rights were purchased and it is still shown yearly on NBC during the holiday season. It’s A Wonderful Life likes to pull on the tapestry of our lives. Many of us, like to think about our own happiness or measures of success, but we fail to think about the impact on other people’s lives we may have had. Whether we know it or not.

There will be more throwback episodes on Monday and Tuesday, leading up to the holiday, but with many people traveling this weekend – we felt this was a good one to lead with. If you are traveling this weekend, may it be pleasant and fun. If it isn’t – well, blame it on the airline.