Welcome to The Lazy Geeks

Welcome to The Lazy Geeks official back-up page! I know that doesn’t sound like a great way to start off a blog post, but that’s the best we got. We had a main page, but that is gone for the time being. However, when we roll into 2020, there isn’t any certainty that we will continue a self-hosted blog. That isn’t to say we won’t be continuing this blog. It is more to say that we could utilize the money for a self-hosted blog more toward hosting for podcasts.

If many of you are looking at blogging, compared to podcasts, very few of your listeners turn into blog readers. We have had a self-hosted site for about half of our ten-year run. We had an old WordPress.com blog (which we originally started), but used it as a back-up blog for a while. As 2019 became a weird year for us, we stopped our long-running podcast, we thought about throwing in the towel completely.

Fortunately, that didn’t stick.

While our old podcast are not available on any podcast services, they are still housed on our YouTube channel. You can check out some of our old shows here, and you will get an idea of what we want to bring back.

I will begin posting some of our newer content onto this page and around the first of the year – this will be the new home of The Lazy Geeks. Even if we decide to expand, we will most likely pay WordPress for one of their business plans. That is unless we receive some donations that will allow us to maintain what we already have. Self-hosting isn’t cheap.

As we head into 2020, this will mark the tenth anniversary of our site, blog, or whatever you want to call it. However, getting back to basics is something that is good for us. We will begin doing this stuff for ourselves and if any of you wish to come along for the ride – you’re more than welcome to.

Thanks for checking us out and hope you return soon.