Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special: A Cheap Seats Podcast

As we get into Christmas week, it felt that we couldn’t earn our geek cred if we didn’t drop some geeky Christmas movie discussions. On this Christmas Eve’s Eve, we thought it would be a great thing if we dropped an old episode of The Cheap Seats. That series was a geek movie discussion that I had done with Adam (my co-host of The Lazy Geeks) and we discussed movies within geek culture. Eventually, it morphed into what became The Extended Play Movie Podcast. We felt that it would be appropriate to discuss the Star Wars Holiday Special.

It only aired once after the release of the original Star Wars movie, and it was a disaster. The only benefit is that an animated short aired during the broadcast that introduced Star Wars fans to Boba Fett, who would appear in the upcoming sequel. It was such a trainwreck that George Lucas purged it from all Star Wars lore, but fans wouldn’t let it die.

You could find poor copies of the special at Comic-Cons around the country. You can even find it, in its entirety on YouTube of all places. Here is the original synopsis of the episode:

“This month, the guys are back with “The Star Wars Holiday Special”. We know it is a day late but due to technical difficulties it has finally arrived. Adam had never seen this before and Steven thought it may have been too old to remember. He ended up realizing that his mind was blocking it out. What do you guys think?

In my defense, I was four years-old when the OG Star Wars debuted. So I believed that maybe I was too young to remember the nearly two-hour TV movie. It just so happened that my mind wanted to block out the Star Wars Holiday Special, but pieces always managed to sneak through. Let us know what you think in the comments and we will see you tomorrow for our final Christmas throwback episode. Guess what it is.