Die Hard

Die Hard: An Extended Play Movie Podcast

As we dropped on your yesterday, this is our final throwback for the Christmas season. How could we end this Christmas Eve without discussing the hotly contested Christmas movie of all-time: Die Hard. Everyone has an opinion on whether this is a Christmas movie or not. While this is more polarizing than the political climate, we are of the opinion that it is. And not because it takes place at Christmas.

The Extended Play Movie Podcast episode for the day explains why it is more of a Christmas movie than simply because it takes place on Christmas Eve. You can hear it in the school. It is written into the script, as well as the production design.

Here is the original synopsis of the episode:

‘“Come out to the coast. We’ll get together. Have a few laughs.” As this is the last show before the Christmas holiday, we couldn’t end a Christmas series without discussing the hotly debated movie of all time, Die Hard.

“The reason we use hotly debated is: one) the internet has a lot of time on its hands, and 2) the debate on whether this is actually a Christmas movie. We are under the assumption that it is. Not only because it is set on Christmas Eve, but there are many Christmas themes rolled into it.

“You can see it more in this movie than you can in actual Christmas movies. The soundtrack, production design, script, and score. There is so much that makes this a Christmas movie, it will make you jump off a tall building.”

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If you believe Die Hard is or isn’t a Christmas movie, you can leave us a comment below or hit us up on any of our social media platforms. Until Monday, have a Merry Christmas and remember to not be that guy.