Lazy Geeks Happy New Year

Happy New Year From The Lazy Geeks

Happy New Year, everyone!

I know we are closing in on our first week of 2020, and did it go down in a crazy fashion already. If some of you are wondering why things have changed, it’s because we are rebooting ourselves for our tenth anniversary. Yeah, ten fuckin’ years! Nearly a decade of bringing you stories and podcasts of everything in the geek world. Now… we’re back!

As we head in a new direction, we are bringing things back down to basics for a bit. Gone is the original “Lazy Geeks” domain. At least, for now. Hosting a blog is kind of expensive, and until we can secure the money either through donations (or ourselves), we are resorting to our new back-up blog. Nothing will really change on that front, aside from the domain, but it is something.

As far as podcasts go…

The Lazy Geeks will be returning with our original podcast. I know we had plans for multiple shows, but we are focusing our energies on the original show with a slightly new format. Our new podcast will be released for a limited time, as we are utilizing a free service. Which means, any episodes older than five episodes will be removed from the feed. However, we will use our YouTube page to house older episodes. If we manage to secure some finances, we can sign up for a more permanent feed that will house all past episodes.

If you would like to help us get hosting for the blog and the podcasts, you can obviously donate via our PayPal account or Venmo (@thelazygeeks_1010). Any donations, as we said before, will be used to pay hosting, new equipment, and compensate life costs to produce more content for the blog, podcasts, and some YouTube content.

What is the timeline of all this…?

We are looking to have the first new Lazy Geeks episode during the week of January 20. We already have our first topic ready to go, which have been thinking about since we announced our ideas back in October.

As far as the blog goes, we are not only going to report news that will impact your life, but will let you know of stuff that would benefit your life, as well. We want to have a positive impact on your life and the blog will help and the podcast will entertain you. In advance, we will most likely offend you on with the podcast, and for that – grow a pair.

Enjoy our new direction and Happy New Year!