Baby Yoda

Build-A-Bear Bringing Baby Yoda

Okay, so you and everyone else in the galaxy wants a Baby Yoda. But where do you get one? Nowhere in this corner of the galaxy. Remember, if there is a bright center of the universe, you are on the planet that is farthest from. Since The Mandalorian debuted and introduced “The Child”, which has become known in pop culture as “Baby Yoda”, Build-A-Bear is coming to your service.

At the 2020 ICR Conference in Orlando, Florida (via Business Insider), the company announced it will be selling stuffed animal versions of Baby Yoda in its stores — no building required.

“I’m excited to share we will be one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined,” said Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John. “We now will have The Child, also known as Baby Yoda.”

Unfortunately, there is no timetable as to when the plush will be released. You may remember, in order to retain secrecy, Disney decided not to reveal the character in merchandising before the premiere of the first episode. Which is a tip of the hat to the company to put surprise above profit, because you know that toy would’ve been a hot ticket this past holiday season.

You will most likely see much of the delayed merchandise hit store shelves during the spring, which is a good time to test the market and remind people that the second season of The Mandalorian will be debuting in the fall. I just wish I knew where I can get one not because it can just take all my money.