Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Moving Straight to Series

After his introduction in the season premiere of Supergirl’s second season, Tyler Hoechlin made his debut as the CW’s Man of Steel. After that, he has made multiple appearances in Supergirl and the last two crossover events on the CW. Back in October, it was announced that the CW was developing a possible series for him, Superman & Lois, and his Lois Lane, Elizabeth Tulloch. Well, it appears that they are skipping past pilot and going straight to series.

According to Variety, the CW has officially ordered both the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, starring Jared Padalecki, and the Superman & Lois reboot to series, moving it out of the development stage. This is an unusual move for the network, given that they have a good series of super hero shows on the network, even with Arrow ending in two weeks. Batwoman was designed to take the vacated space.

From this point on out is purely speculation (and it should be taken as such), but that makes me wonder which show is planning on leaving. As the CW announced that all their DC shows have been renewed, The Flash is the only show that is reaching the infamous year seven mark.

I say infamous because Arrow reached season seven and had a shortened season and is ending. So, it is a thought that they could be preparing for the end or near-end of The Flash. Comic book shows don’t have as long of a shelf life as they used to. Actors age and can’t be as physical any more than they used to.

Again, that is purely speculation.

For me, I am excited to see Hoechlin return to the series as a full-time Superman. I thought he was affable and a good fit for the universe. Now that Crisis of Infinite Earths has set all those CW heroes on the same Earth, we can see more characters crossover from time to time. I’m in.