Cyberpunk 2077 delayed

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed A Few Months

There has been a slew of game delays this year. Earlier this week, we saw the delay of both Marvel’s The Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, this one will matter to a lot of people. One of the most anticipated games of the year, Cyberpunk 2077, is being delayed by a whole five months. Yup, we’re going from spring to fall.

The official announcement from CD Projekt Red reads, “We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there’s still work to be done. Night City is massive – full of stories, content, and places to visit, but due to the sheer scale and complexity of it all, we need more time to finish playtesting, finishing and polishing. We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be our crowning achievement for the generation and postponing launch will give us the precious months we need to make the game perfect.”

As I said last time, it is normal for any game to be delayed. This is one of those titles that I’m not surprised it is delayed. Some sites are still crying because it won’t be ported to one of the next-gen consoles that are coming out a couple of months later. Get over it.

It seems that CD Projekt is going all in on this variation of the game. I will almost guarantee that, if the game is successful, we can see a port coming over later on. Sometimes people on the internet need to calm the fuck down.