Peacock streaming service

Peacock Streaming Service Announced and Pricing

Much to no one’s surprise NBCUniversal (also known as Comcast) announced – officially – their upcoming streaming service, Peacock. Get the snickering out of the way. I’ll wait.

There have been rumors that the service would be free, which isn’t completely correct. Using a slightly altered version of CBS All Access, they are using the two-tier systems. They will have a free ad-supported tier, but unlike CBS All Access, you will not get access to all their content. It will offer 7,500 hours of programming, including movies and classic TV shows. Of course, given that it’s Comcast, there is a caveat: it will be free for Comcast subscribers. Everyone else will have to pay $4.99.

Their second tier will be ad-free, but will cost you $9.99 a month. However, it will offer you the service’s original content, including shows like MacGruber or Sam Esmail‘s new take on Battlestar Galactica, which gives access to the full 15,000 hours of programming – including sports and, for the first time ever, early access to NBC’s stable of late-night talk shows. New episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will be available to stream on Peacock Premium starting at 8pm ET and Late Night with Seth Meyers will begin streaming at 9pm ET (both are about three and a half hours before their traditional broadcast slots).

From various reports, it seems like every tier will give subscribers access to around 400 TV shows, including The Office (which is leaving Netflix at the end of this year), Parks and Recreation30 Rock, Bates Motel, Battlestar Galactica, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cheers, Covert Affairs, Downton Abbey, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Friday Night Lights, House, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, King of Queens, Married…With Children, Monk, Parenthood, Psych, Royal Pains, Saturday Night Live, Superstore, The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Will & Grace. New episodes of NBC shows like This is Us will be viewable the day after they air.

Too many sites are sizing it up against services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. That is really an unfair comparison. It should be sized up against Hulu or CBS All Access. Price wise: they are on par with the aforementioned services. The basic Hulu option is $5.99 with ads, but there is no restriction on content that is available to you. Limited ad version is $11.99.

CBS All Access is similar with a $6.99 ad-supported tier, which includes shows like Star Trek: Picard, The Twilight Zone, and a few others. They have a no-ad tier for $9.99.

The reason Peacock, CBS All Access, and the upcoming HBO Max is different is because they are part of a broadcast network. They have popular TV shows and have extensive libraries. If you have Comcast service, you will have the service for free and most likely the beta testers of the service. They will have access to the service on April 15, 2020. Everyone else will get access to Peacock on July 15, 2020.