The Lazy Geeks Trailer: Rebirth

We are back ladies and gentlemen. As promised. We recorded the trailer, what to expect in the future, earlier this week and a new full-length episode will drop on Tuesday. After everything that we experienced in 2019, we decided to make a show that we wanted to listen to. Sometimes, you don’t want to listen to a one-tone show. So, the bar has been raised for us to discuss anything we wish to talk about.

In the new The Lazy Geeks podcast, we will discuss geek or pop culture, but we will open the boundaries to cover conspiracy theories, politics, unpopular views, and many other things. After ten years of an old format, you think about changing it up.

Yes, we did discuss the option of using a new title for this new show, but we opted against it – since we were going to use the name. After talking with some other professionals, they convinced us to keep the name but just change up the show. The brand is solid and if we are going to change it up – just change the content since we have a decade with the brand.

Our new episodes will be available every Tuesday, starting this coming Tuesday. We are currently are available on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, Google Music, TuneIn, and a few others. We are currently getting back on Stitcher and iHeartRadio. If you can’t find it on your podcast catcher, let us know.

Also, please help donate to the show. We are using the free option on Podbean, which will only store five episodes at a time. Once we reach the limit, we will drop one for a new one. If you want our whole catalog available, we will need to move to a paid storage – so, donations will help. Click on the PayPal link to the right or at the bottom, or Venmo us at thelazygeeks_1010.

See you guys on Tuesday!