The Lazy Geeks: The Earth Is Not Flat

As promised our first episode of our revamped podcast is live! The new model of the podcast is to make things more relaxed and less work on our end. We aren’t getting into the weeds on all the geek news of the week. We are talking about stories from pop culture, geek culture, or whatever tickles our fancy. This episode is the prime example of what we are aiming for.

We talk about how common sign stealing in baseball is that the rule is you’re not supposed to be caught. Even though Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, you’re a fool for still using it, and how silly social justice warriors want Bree Larson out of Captain Marvel for a stupid reason. Also, we discuss our favorite conspiracy theories. Nothing heavy, but how silly believing in them are. With some unpopular rationale to get people to stop believing certain ones.



Astros cheating scandal




Steven: Windows 7 Goes Buh-Bye

Adam: Some Fans Want Brie Larson Gone


Discussion Topic:

Favorite Conspiracy Theories



  1. Australia doesn’t Actually Exist
  2. The Moon Doesn’t Exist Either



  1. Avril Lavigne Is Actually Dead
  2. Phantom Time Hypothesis


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