Apple drops Flash

Apple Drops Flash Completely From Safari Preview

Think about it: there is a generation of kids that don’t know what Adobe Flash is. Following the slew of dead tech like Shockwave, Adobe Flash is on its way out this year. It was announced in 2017, that Adobe will end Flash support by the end of this year. Apple’s latest release of Safari Technology Preview, foreshadowing what’s in store for the browser later public release.

This isn’t something that we will expect, or should be surprised with. The company refused to support Flash on iOS back all the way back in 2007, and since then others have followed suit, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Mozilla.

It is essentially already erased from existence at this point. The only way you could really use is if you really needed to use it. Apple’s complete disregard for the plugin at this point will go unnoticed by anyone using an Apple device.

Remember the days, when you installed a new browser, it would always ask you to install Adobe Flash when you went to a site to play a game or watch a video. Not anymore. Since all the popular browsers have done away with its support, no one will notice when Flash is done.

HTML5 was the major competitor to Flash, but when many viruses and malicious software would exploit Adobe’s security flaws, discussions began on whether Flash was worth it. Adobe sat on their hands, thinking they were the only game in town, as opposed to fixing the holes. As a result, everyone began moving away from the plugin.

Doing away with any and all support, however, signifies Apple’s intentions to wash its hands of Flash altogether. Come the end of the year, when Adobe eventually pulls the plug, the once ubiquitous technology will be gone forever. Say hello to Shockwave when you pass the rainbow bridge.