Fast and Furious 9 Trailer – WTF

So there was this huge teaser trailer for the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 that happened on Friday. Now, what the actual fuck?! These movies have ceased to be entertaining to me given that they started off with street racing, and then evolved into a Ocean’s 11 type of heist series. Now, they are so unbelievable, I can’t even take them seriously (not that I did before) at all.

The trailer gave you everything you needed to know about the movie without seeing it. People used to complain about that in Marvel films, but the truth was – Marvel only showed you stuff from the first 30 minutes of the film. In this John Cena is supposed to be Vin Diesel’s brother. After twenty minutes of laughing, I finally resumed to see what other silliness the film had to offer.

Charlize Theron is back, which we know if for the paycheck. She is better than this, especially since she’s nominated for another Oscar. Apparently, Dom has more past history than the Doctor from Doctor Who, and that character has been around for over fifty years.

Then the whole reveal was Han! Don’t get me wrong, Sung Kang was my favorite character from all the films. Yeah, I liked him in Tokyo Drift. The guys was supposed to be murdered by Shaw, but now he’s back?! This isn’t another time travel point before that third film, which was the whole point of the previous trilogy.

I’m not the only one amazed that the weakest of the Fast & Furious franchise (which is saying a lot) is the linchpin of the entire franchise going forward.

The trailer is ridiculous and it seems that everything has gotten so unbelievable after Paul Walker’s death. Much like the last film, I would probably wait until it comes on some streaming site or pirate the thing. But I won’t spend my money in May when the film is released. Can’t wait for the next film to head to space. ‘Cause that’s where it seems to be going.