Surface Pro X Gets Edge Chromium Browser

On Friday, Microsoft released Edge version 80, and the most significant addition is ARM64 support for devices like the Surface Pro X. We’ve been waiting for a native ARM64 version of Edge or Chrome for the Surface Pro X, and previous reports indicated that the Microsoft tablet showed how it struggled with browsers running in software emulation. Many have been testing the ARM64 version of Edge since November, and it has had a big impact on improving the Surface Pro X.

Switching tabs, rendering web content, and scrolling speeds are all greatly improved with Edge 80 for the Surface Pro X. It’s truly transformative, and Microsoft’s implementation of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) makes the Pro X the world’s most extravagant Chromebook.

Microsoft launched its new Chromium-based version of Edge for both macOS and Windows last month. It includes built-in anti-tracking protection, a web Collections feature, an Internet Explorer mode for businesses, and more. Microsoft is planning to gradually roll this new browser out to existing Windows 10 users, but you can manually update if you don’t want to wait.

Microsoft’s new ARM64 version of Edge is now available on the company’s Edge installer site.